5 Situations When You Should Consider Changing The Locks In Your Home


Ever since the dawn of mankind, people have been obsessed with the things they own. Keeping our possessions safe has always been the utmost priority no matter what people say. We’re not just talking in monetary terms here –for there is nothing more precious than our family’s safety.
Locks have kept our belongings and homes secure since the time they were invented back in the 19th century.

Locks are a part and parcel of our daily lives, giving us the much needed sense of security whether we’re inside our homes or away at our jobs. However, the locks we’re so fond of need to be replaced in certain situations, especially when rekeying is not the solution. Here are 5 situations when you need to replace your locks:

1. New Place:

Moving is the part and parcel of life. When you relocate, you tend to get over indulged in the moving process and overlook the fact that old tenants usually give their keys to the neighbors. This may not necessarily turn out to be a problem, but it’s highly suggested that you take the safer alternative of changing the locks with the help of locksmith Toronto.

2. Malfunctioning Locks:

Locks are engineered to be everlasting but sometimes things can go haywire and cause some malfunctioning in their mechanism. Lock malfunctioning can also result from an attempted theft from an intruder. Locks are tampered with at numerous occasions to weaken their working mechanisms. Whenever you see a lock working improperly, get all the locks changed as soon as possible to be on the safer side.

3. Lost Keys:

Some people have the tendency to forget their keys and wallets wherever they go. While most of the time people get their belongings back, they can never know who might have tried replicating their keys before returning them. Whenever you lose keys permanently or notice a significant delay in getting them back from a stranger, it is suggested to get your locks changed.

4. Breakup:

When a relationship ends abruptly on a bitter note, things can turn out to be ugly. The obsession of some people to get back at their ex partners can make them do things nobody in their sane minds would do. If there has been a recent history of violence or if you feel that your ex partner can use violence against you, you should always get your locks replaced to ensure safety of yourself and your family.

5. Outdated Locks:

People often choose to buy a new house in the best locality that could fit their budget. More often than not, they are tempted to pay a little extra to seal a deal that could’ve burnt a hole in their pocket otherwise. A modern neighborhood might tempt you to keep up with their modern smart locks, which will feel like a necessity once you get to know how secure they are. Plus, smart locks come bundled with features such as remote access and much more that you would’ve never imagined at all!

There is no denying the fact that the protecting our earthly possessions is the topmost priority in all scenarios. After all, we’re not just talking about the investment in terms of money but time as well. Nothing can be as priceless as the time spent to own the reward by doing the mind numbing toil to give ourselves the earthly pleasures we deserve.


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