Does Your Gut Microbiome Influence Behavior? 6 Steps Towards A Healthy Gut!


Who would have thought of it but gut microbiome or microbes do have an influence on how you behave. Learn about it and then take appropriate steps towards a healthy gut that should also lead to an improvement in your disposition.

The human gut is host to dozens of bacteria that influence behavior.

Gut Pain

Every individual has dozens of different kinds of microbiomes in his stomach and intestines, collectively titled the gut. According to science direct:

  • Gut microbes influence behavior in an unconscious way
  • Such microbes can have an effect on basic behavior patterns and on cognitive functions. Next time you see someone with impaired cognition blame his gut not his brains.
  • Your gut has healthy bacteria as well as dangerous bacteria. If the latter get an upper hand your physical health and mental health are affected.

Science direct study referred above shows that human beings have a symbiotic relationship with gut microbes and there is even similarity in genes.

There is a brain-gut-microbiota axis with the enteric nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic and autonomic nervous system along with the central nervous system intimately dependent on Intestinal Microbiota. Among the microbiota, that influence behavior is protozoa, fungi, viruses, and archaea as well as bacteria.

Another report reflects the same thing with findings in Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Behavioral Medicine describing it in full. It must be noted that the human predilection to take antibiotics is doing them more harm than good since such antibiotics kill “friendly” bacteria, disturb the balance and ultimately impair brain health.

In short, research shows that microbiomes, their balance and working impact health at a physical and mental level so, improving gut health is the first step towards better overall improvement on both counts.

How do you go about it?

1. Eat probiotics


  • Yogurt is one of the best sources of probiotics as are foods such as fermented soy and pickled cabbages consumed in the Far East. Get a healthy dose.
  • A proportion of “good” bacteria in your gut improves. Digestion improves. Toxins are eliminated.
  • You feel better, mentally and physically when your digestive center, your gut, is in top gear.

2. Consume more vegetarian stuff

vegetarian stuff

  • According to BBC, one of the best ways to improve gut health is to consume more fresh and organic fruits and vegetables with plenty of fiber.
  • Choose cold-pressed oils, especially olive oil.
  • Avoid processed and fried junk foods.

3. Cut out sugars and refined flour foods


  • You love cakes and pastries same as everyone else. You will die for a chocolate or candy and swoon over ice cream. Give up sugar. You need to!
  • Sugar is your number one enemy. It promotes the growth of fungi and bad bacteria. Sugar impairs cognition and memory. Eat sweet fruits by all means but not refined sugar or refined flour.

4. Avoid antibiotics


  • We have a tendency to rush to the doctor at the slightest sign of indigestion, fever, flu or stomach ache and the doctor prescribes antibiotics that we consume.
  • Do not consume antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. Instead, try good old home remedies for common ailments. Everyday health is of this opinion.

5. It is good to be dirty .. well..almost


  • These days companies selling hand sanitizers and antiseptics promote their products ferociously and we, poor gullible people, fall for it. The result is that extensive use of such antiseptics kill off good bacteria and also reduce our immunity.
  • Be normal. Wash hands with water, not antiseptic. Let your house be just a bit dirty and have pets. Your and your child’s exposure to a variety of bacteria will help you develop better resistance and your gut stays healthy.

6. Fast and detox

Fast and detox

  • Accumulation of toxins has a negative impact on good bacteria in your gut first. The simple solution is to detox. Do this by fasting for a day once a week. Drink only warm to hot water all day long and plenty of it.
  • You could add sweet lemon juice to water or orange juice. Herbs such as ginger further aid detoxification and removal of bad gut bacteria. Friendly bacteria flourish. Your gut health improves and so does your brain power.

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