How To Get a DNA Test Done For Free


Wondering how to get a DNA test done for free? If you’re looking for a free DNA testing kit, then you’re in luck. But this depends on what you need the test for and where you’re located. It is important to note that you can get the DNA testing kit for free, but this does not mean the lab tests will be free as well. The DNA testing process requires experienced personnel and specialized equipment and these costs must be borne by someone. The DNA testing kit is what you receive in the mail to allow you to collect a sample and send it back for processing.

How to Get a Free DNA Test

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When people ask the question “how can you get a free DNA test kit?” it’s usually in reference to a free DNA paternity test. There’s nowhere in the US where you can get this service for free. In the U.K, DNA tests that help your doctor make a diagnosis are available for free via the NHS. However, paternity tests are not free. The DNA tests available for free in the UK via the NHS will require your doctor to give a preliminary diagnosis of the disease.

If you’re in the US and are looking for a paternity DNA test for free, then you might want to get in touch with Child Support Enforcement in your locality. It is possible to get a DNA test for free through their program.  But this must be accompanied by a child support complaint. The state may pay for the alleged father’s genetic testing in a bid to prove paternity. If the alleged father is found to be the biological father, then they will be required to refund the state the cost of the DNA test.

If your state does not provide free paternity testing, then someone will have to pay for it. You can always shop around for low-cost DNA testing in public facilities. Alternatively, you can get a home paternity testing kit like those provided by online DNA testing companies such as CRI genetics. However, you should note that family law courts will not accept such genetic tests.

Free DNA Testing Kits Online

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If you do an online search, you’ll find plenty of sites claiming to offer free DNA testing. Many of these providers will send you a kit for free to allow you to collect the DNA sample. They will still require you to pay to process the samples after you’ve sent them back. Costs can range anywhere from $69 to $600 depending on the test you’re requesting for. Make sure to confirm what the charges for the actual tests are before taking up the free DNA test kit offer.

Some of the free DNA test providers you find online may not be legitimate. They may not have the capacity to do the DNA tests or are only out to steal your personal information for some nefarious goal. Avoid using any provider that claims to provide free DNA testing.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a DNA Test

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You’re unlikely to get any leads on how to get a DNA test done for free. However, you can always try to get the best deal possible. To avoid getting duped in the process, you need to understand the factors that affect the cost of a DNA test.

  • Number of test subjects – If you’re doing a paternity test, the price will largely depend on the number of people being tested. If you need to include other relatives such as siblings and grandparents of the alleged father, then the cost will increase with every person added.
  • Type of Test – Forensic tests and relationship tests usually cost more than a standard paternity test. Make sure to find out how much the cost of the test you’re looking to get is since they vary from one to the other.
  • Urgency – If you need the results urgently, you might be required to pay an express fee by most DNA companies. This may mean receiving your test results 5 days sooner than you normally would.
  • Legal vs at-home DNA test – A standard home test will cost much less than a legal test. This is because a legal test requires more paperwork and administration.

Top 3 DNA test Providers and How Much They Charge

  1. AncestryDNA

AncestryDNA is a great tool for exploring your background or finding your relatives. The $99 price tag covers the collection kit and two-way shipping. The company also has sales now and then where you can get the package for as low as $59.

  1. 23andMe

23andMe has two types of kits – the Health and Ancestry at $199 and Ancestry only at $99. For the $199 package, you get an ancestry report, tests for five genetic health risks, your carrier status for over 40 conditions, a wellness report, your genetic predisposition for being overweight, your likelihood of experiencing hair loss, among other things. For $99, you only get the ancestry reports outlining your ethnic heritage and access to the relative matchmaking system.

  1. FamilyTreeDNA

This company has a very confusing prcing structure. You are required to pay extra to access more details about your DNA. The company offers autosome testing at $79, yDNA testing at $169, and mtDNA testing at $199. The total cost for getting everything tested is a whopping $477.

Still wondering how to get a DNA test done for free? You might want to shelve this ambition and instead look for affordable providers.


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