5 Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter


Like most folks, you probably assume heating your home and staying warm this winter is a fairly simple matter.

Aside from cold icy winds rolling in from Lake Ontario, you view your warm home as a haven. You likely wish for lower utility bills, but you continue paying them regularly.

Many methods help homeowners heat their home and save money doing it. While supporting your local utility company is admirable, you can stop doing it. Many things are effective in helping you heat your home and they take little effort. These methods can help if ideas have you stumped.

1. Weather-proof Your House


Walk around the outside perimeter of your home. Check for signs of critters nests in outside air vents, your dryer vent and other places they look for shelter. Remove nests and put screens over the vents if necessary.

Check for missing mortar or caulk near your doors and windows while outside. Repair any problem spots.

Inside your home check all windows and doors for drafty spots. Use caulk or sealer if needed with your windows. Adjust your doors for a tight seal.

2. Check Your Air Vents

Look at all the air grilles and/or supply registers to verify they remain open with an active air flow.

Furnaces send heat through your HVAC system to provide an even distribution of heat. Make sure no furniture, drapes or carpet blocks the airflow.

If some air vents throughout your home remain closed while others stay open, your system finds it confusing. That leads to HVAC problems and furnace repair.

3. Change Your Air Filters

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Change your filters regularly throughout the year. Change filters once a month or follow your manufacturer’s recommended schedule. Talk to your HVAC technician about it too.

Thick, high-capacity filters do not need changing as frequently as less expensive filters. Do the math to see if purchasing higher grade filters is a cost-saving measure.

Clean air filters stop dirt, mold and dust from entering your or your family’s lungs.

4. Mind Your Thermostat Settings

Lowering your thermostat by a few degrees will keep your pocketbook warm as well as your home. People seldom notice temperature changes of one or two degrees, but it saves on your utility costs.

If you sleep like most people, you get better rest in a cooler home at night. Keep your thermostat set at a comfortable temperature so that you stay warm without overheating.

Keep an eye on your thermostat to make sure it operates as intended. Call a technician if you notice you adjust it higher and higher just to trigger the furnace to send warm air.

5. Use Natural Resources to Heat Your Home


Keep shades or drapes on south-facing windows open during daylight hours to take advantage of sunlight to warm the rooms.

Close the same shades or drapes at night to reduce the cold window’s chill.

If your home comes equipped with a fireplace, use it to heat the room as much as possible. Make sure to maintain your chimney.

These are proven methods for keeping a winter home warm. They work efficiently to keep you warm and effectively to save you money.


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