Top 6 Tried & Tested Tips To Make Your Wedding Event Special


Your wedding should be a reflection of your love as a couple. Therefore, you should never let your mother, your mother-in-law or your best friend determine what your wedding is going to entail.

While some brides choose a destination wedding at a luxury resort, others are quite content to be married in their own backyard. Consider these six tried-and-true wedding ideas to make your wedding event special.

1. Hire a Limo

You will have plenty of things to worry about on your wedding day, so make your wedding special by hiring a limo. You may want to make your arrival at the ceremony part of the occasion by having your guests greet you as you exit the car and follow you into the location where the wedding is going to be held. Alternatively, think about hiring a limousine that is big enough to hold your complete bridal party allowing everyone to arrive at one time.

2. Choose the Right Setting

Many couples opt for the same locations as others who are getting married, but you may choose to do things differently. You may want to get married in a place that symbolizes your relationship with each other like the place that you first met. Other brides will choose to host their weddings at locations with beautiful scenic skylines of the city where they first met. Regardless of what you decide, make your plans as early as possible as the most popular spots often get reserved up to a year in advance.

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3. Choose the Right Time of Day

Think about the right time of day to host your wedding. If you are planning an outside wedding, then keep sunset times in mind so that the sun will not be in your or your guest’s eyes during the festivities. If you are worried about money, then consider doing a morning wedding followed by a light lunch. There is no requirement that you have an evening wedding, especially if you and your groom are morning people.

4. Cut Costs of Food

dinnerInviting all your and your groom’s relatives to prepare your wedding feast is a great way to have outstanding food for your reception while cutting down costs, and everyone will enjoy adding to your festive day in this way. You will appreciate having everyone’s favorite foods at the end of your wedding while people will be thankful that they can bless you in this way.

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5. Think About Having a Wedding Release

Head outdoors to end your wedding celebration. Depending on the location, think about setting off fireworks as a way to symbolically celebrate the spark in your new marriage. On a smaller scale, give each guest a sparkler and leave by walking between your guests as you leave for your honeymoon. You can also release butterflies or doves as you are leaving.

6. Create Family-fun Reception Ideas

If you want to include everyone at your wedding reception, then make sure to offer some children-friendly activities along with wedding dance music. Magicians, face painters and balloon artists are great activities that everyone attending may love. Think about teaching everyone to dance a fun song like the Macarena or YMCA.

Use these spectacular ideas to celebrate with your family and friends on your wedding day. Everyone will talk about the fun that they had at your wedding when you incorporate fun activities for all members of your group


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