How to Get Out of An Abusive Relationship?


If you are in an abusive relationship where you are afraid of getting killed, seriously injured or that something will happen to your children, stop reading this article and find a way to contact 911 or your local law enforcement agency immediately.

You are very likely in immediate danger if you are afraid these things might happen. No physical processions are worth your life, so be prepared to take very little with you if necessary. People are standing ready to help you get into a safe environment. Now, for those who have a little time to do some planning without fearing death, here are some things that you will want to do.

Understand That You Are Not Alone

You are not alone when you suffer physical abuse. In fact, 24 people per minute are subjected to some type of abuse by their intimate partner.

Worldwide more than 12 million people will experience physical violence in a personal relationship this year.

Unfortunately, physical violence is just an easily seen tip of the iceberg because abuse can take on many different forms including sexual and stalking. The good news is that there are many people who are willing to help you get and stay out.

Get to a Safe Shelter

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There are many places that you can get to in order to give yourself room to contemplate your future. A list of publicly-supported ones can be found by contacting the Coalition Against Domestic Violence in your state.

If possible, take your driver’s license and you and your child’s birth certificates with you. Most shelters allow you to stay for at least 30 days, and they can help you find long-term housing solutions.

Get Your Personal Finances in Order


Now that you are somewhere safe, you need to get your personal finances in order quickly. One way that many abusers try to gain the upper hand is to control all the money into and out of a relationship. You will need to change your banking information if you believe that your accuser may have access to your other accounts.

Find Employment

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If you do not already have a job, then you may need to find one quickly. Shelters usually have people who can help you with the things that you need for a search such as interview clothes, help to get your social security card and other forms of identity and may even have employers that they work with regularly.

Find Food

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You will need to find a source of food until you can get a job and your first paycheck arrives. Most communities have some form of food bank where you can get food. Additionally, many shelters help to provide the first few meals after you leave an abusive relationship.

The great news is that when you are somewhere safe, you have money coming in and you have food to eat, then the future begins to look much brighter. You are a smart person who got yourself into a rough situation, now is the right time to get out of an abusive situation.


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