Editorial Guidelines for Authors
updated July 6, 1999 page 1 of 4
ties Magazine is a non-profit publication for elementary, middle school, junior high, and high school teachers who are interested in helping to prepare students to live and work successfully in an increasingly complex technological society. Founded in 1988 at Drexel University, today ties is now published at The College of New Jersey (formerly Trenton State College). Our readership includes over 45,000 teachers nationwide representing a variety of disciplines, although the vast majority of subscribers are technology teachers. Because technology is approached as a broad, integrating subject, teachers of virtually any subject will find articles to interest them. Therefore we welcome submissions from any authors interested in addressing their disciplines from a technologicaI perspective.

We are often asked what style guide we suggest for our writers. Although we do not specialize in research-oriented articles, we refer to the APA Journal as a guide when questions of style arise. For easy reading, we encourage authors to use reference lists at the end of their articles, if necessary, rather than footnotes. We also encourage writers to provide short bibliographies for possible publication. This is a great help to teachers who want to dig into the subject more deeply.

The language of ties avoids the “scholarly” in favor of a clear and straightforward presentation. While we primarily address teachers, we are happy that much of what we print is also used directly by students.

As a matter of policy, we avoid the masculine pronoun when generalizing, using plural rather than single constructions (they rather than he or he/she) or the second person when a problem arises. We do not use the term “man” as a collective term, with preference going to “people,” “human beings” or “individuaIs.”


We are dedicated to using as visual an approach as possible. ties is published in four-colors, and our readers report that photographs, drawings and paintings, diagrams, cartoons, and charts and graphs add to both the usability and the perceived quality of our magazine. We encourage you to include originals of artwork with your manuscript and to acquire permission to reprint that artwork in writing. If you are unsure how to go about this, call us.

If you want to submit your articles digitally, we use a Macintosh computer system. The preferred format for digital submissions of articles is Microsoft Word. We can read any version (Mac or PC) up to Word 2000 for PC or Word 98 for Macintosh. You can send the files in several ways: on PC or Mac formatted floppy disks, or as email attachments to ties. You can submit pictures digitally also. They can be on floppy or ZIP 100 disks or they can be sent as email attachments. Please format them as TIFF, JPEG or EPS files.