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How To Get a DNA Test Done For Free

Wondering how to get a DNA test done for free? If you’re looking for a free DNA testing kit, then you’re in luck. But this depends on what you need the test for and where you’re located. It is important to note that you can get the DNA testing kit...

DNA Mutation: Top 5 Obnoxious Rumors

Rumors on DNA mutation have come from ill-informed understanding and media sources such as movies and uninformed people. It is important to verify everything you hear before you accept it as the truth. Having the wrong information can cause one to make the wrong decisions regarding their DNA and health...
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5 Breakfast Recipes For a Healthy Digestive System

A healthy start to the day begins with a hearty breakfast. Easy to make, light and nutrient-packed breakfasts are a boon to our fast-paced lives. Here are 5 versatile breakfast recipes with easily available ingredients which you can take with best probiotic for a better response. They can be had...
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Probiotic Supplements: 6 Myths that Need to be Busted

Interest in probiotics and their effects on the human microbiome has increased significantly in the past decade, but while that is hardly a bad thing, it has caused some myths about probiotic supplements to spread. These myths are often repeated with the best of intentions, but they tend to do...
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Heal Your Gut with These 5 Herbs and Foods

Gas, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea - we’ve all suffered from gastrointestinal distress brought on by poor diet habits and high-stress lives. The damage we do to our guts can have long-term consequences for our health, including autoimmune diseases, higher risk of cancer, and even depression. The Digestive Center...
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5 Most Talked-About Misconceptions About DNA Testing

There are a lot of things being talked about the DNA test and the ways it is done. In this blog, we'll try to debunk those myths and bring facts in front of you. If you have ever hesitated to do a DNA test due to some reason, please go...