6 Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean Longer


Cleaning your house is a demanding job, and unfortunately, something that all of us must do, no matter what we are dealing with during the day. Unless you are a super-rich person, who has the possibility to pay for that service, you come home after a very long day at school or work, just to realize there is more work to be done there. No matter how many days you avoid cleaning, you know that you will eventually have to do it, being the reason why you should not ignore it for a long period of time. On the other side, there are some places in our homes that we cannot avoid cleaning, even if we wanted, if we want to remain healthy. Those places are, as you might guess, bathrooms and kitchens. With this article, we are going to put the focus on bathrooms, as they may be the target when it comes to bacteria. We bring you some easy and quick ways on how to keep your bathroom clean longer. What is also really important when it comes to bathroom, is to have a great and reliable plumber around. You don’t want to mess with clogged toilet and leaky faucets all the time. If you live in Canada, plumber Torontois the answer. But first, let us go back to some tips and tricks that will help you keep your bathroom clean longer!

  1. Use a squeegee

Using a squeegee every day may seem like the most exhausting thing to do, but trust us, once you get the habit, you will love it. You should invest in a good squeegee, keep it in your shower, and use it every time after showering.

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  1. Spray the shower

If you feel too lazy to use squeegee every day, you should think about a shower cleaning spray and you should keep it in the shower. After showering, it would be enough to spray the walls of the shower, without the need to wipe down anything.

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  1. Keep cleaning products in the bathroom

This is more of a psychological moment, but it definitely works. If you keep the cleaning products in the bathroom, you will easily get reminded of what you should do.  Get a bin where you will keep all the products and label it.

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  1. Use products that make cleaning easy

There are so many products nowadays that are specifically made to make our lives easier and to make cleaning not a thing which brings us headache. For example, using the disinfectant wipes instead of spray is always a good idea, it does the job, and it’s much easier.

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  1. Hang up towels

Never let your towels pile up on the floor, as they never get dry fully that way, even coming to the point of stinking. That may leave the impression that your bathroom is actually dirty, so make sure to have a few towels bars or hooks so that you can hang your towel to dry after using it.

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  1. Pick a day

Yes, we clean our bathroom almost every day, by removing wet towels from the floor or cleaning the shower after using it, but you should have at least one day in a week to give it a good scrubbing and maintain a super clean bathroom.

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