6 Top Web Design Trends To Watch in 2018


Web development continues to be a very important industry as it is responsible for helping to build and improve websites. In 2018, there is bound to be several major improvements in the web development industry as people continue to look for ways to improve the web design of their websites. There are several trends in 2018 that web developers should look out for.

1. Mobile Takes Priority

One major trend to look out for in website development in 2018 is the shift towards focusing more on mobile websites. Over the past few years, mobile web browsing on phones and tablets has slowly taken over the amount of browsing that is done on computers and laptops. Because of this, web developers will continue to find ways to enhance their mobile web page experience. This will result in more new websites using smaller pictures and have simpler designs that can be read while on the run.

2. Custom Art


Another big trend to look out for this year is the use of custom art. Custom art has always had a place with web designers, but many still opted to use stock images and photos to fill up a page. Now that web developers are looking for more personalized websites to build, they will continue to value and add customized art to a page. This will give any website a more personalized and stylish feel.

3. Animation

The use of animation on websites will continue to increase in prevalence in the coming years. Animation used to be avoided due to the amount of processing power it took to run efficiently. However, as computers and networks become more efficient, having animation on a page will continue to be more practical for the average website. In the coming years it is very likely that the amount of animation found online will increase substantially.

4. Functionality

While there will always be a place for websites to act purely as a form of entertainment, many more will look for ways to be more functional for users. This means that you will see more websites that will provide visitors with quality data, improved functionality, and the ability to complete a variety of different tasks.

5. Colors and Themes

themes and colors

When it comes to designing a website, 2018 will likely also be a turning point when it comes to style of a page. While websites used to be known to be designed with more drab colors, in the coming years they will be designed to help a website pop like never before. In the coming year, bright colors, bold text, and other types of style to gain the attention of a visitor will continue to become commonplace.

6. Artificial Intelligence

Web designing

Finally, one of the biggest trends in websites will continue to be the use and prevalence of artificial intelligence. AI technology has continued to be used by a lot of people when building websites as it helps a web developer to provide an effective and personalized experience to a customer. This trend is bound to continue in the coming years well after 2018 is over.


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