5 Ways To Save Your Dignity on an Awful Date


Even if your date went under most favorable circumstances, the chances are your experience will be an ordeal if not worse. Sometimes, even a failed job interview will be better than your date. Here, in this blog, We will tell you 5 ways by which you can save your dignity after a failed date dinner:

1. Were you catfished? Here’s what you can do to salvage that.

Now that’s something you can’t really predict before going to the date dinner first. If you were lured to a date by showing a different picture/image and when you see him/her for the first time, that wasn’t the same person who was there in the picture, you my friend, were catfished. The irony is that the industry which should be doing this to their clients, i.e. Escorts Toronto, is found to be genuine with these things whereas people involved in online dating apps are the ones using this technique.

You need to say NO and go back the moment you think this has happened to you. This is straight out cheating and you need to take a stand before its too late.

2. Her political view is the complete opposite of yours

Youth is getting involved in national and regional politics nowadays. So, the chances are your date could be inclined towards a political party which you clearly don’t support. She might be a Trump supported and you might be Hillary’s. And the conversations you have with each other will have a political backdrop and difference in ideologies will be clearly visible.

One way you can avoid this is by being apolitical throughout your conversation. This way, you can listen what the other party has to say and just keep your views to yourself. Once the date is over, go to your home, take out your phone and send her friend request from the social media account where you have shown your political affiliation in your timelines. She/ He would be embarrassed for sure!

3. Don’t make your date long if it’s not going anywhere

If you are confident enough that the date is not going anywhere you intended it’d go, it is better to get up and leave. People might call it a bit rude but then, being honest is also considered as rude to some extent. You need to save your dignity by calling the first shot before he/she decides to call it a quit. Whoever makes the decision first, wins. Plain and simple!

4. Only pay for your half at the end of the date

Imagine being on a bad date and having ended up paying the entire bill too? That’s double embarrassing and an investment you’ll be ashamed of. The perfect way to deal with this is by asking the other person to split the bills in half. This will accomplish two things. One, you won’t be investing your money in something where you know for sure that it ain’t coming back in any form. Second, your date will get a reality check and they’d know that you are not going to see them again.

5. Cold Responses

One of the best ways you can deal with someone who’s not listing to you is by not listening to them either. If the evening went awfully bad and you don’t want to say it in their face, just don’t say anything at all. Let them know that you are no longer interested in them by giving them cold responses.


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