5 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Don’t Work


Love tests you far more than you can imagine. Couple it with distance, and you’ll get your worst nightmare. Distance relationships are not everybody’s piece of cake, for it poses far greater challenges compared to the normal scenarios.

Couples in distance relationships often find themselves on the receiving end, without any fault of their own. The couples mostly spend their days planning and waiting eagerly to meet the next time. Many couples end up depressed because being apart from the people they love takes a toll on them. Here are 5 reasons why long distance relationships don’t work and eat up the intimacy (and why you should stay away from it):

1. Misunderstandings:

Misunderstandings are alone capable of destroying a relationship from the very roots, let alone a misunderstanding coupled with distance. Misunderstandings need to be sorted out well before they do any lasting damage, and sorting them out without physical presence is a very difficult task. A tarnished and dishonest image might hurt the self-respect of a person and things might come to an end with nobody at fault for it.

2. Insecurities:

Distance takes away a much-needed sense of security from the relationship and fills the void created with jealousy and hatred. People in a distance relationship tend to be jealous of who their partner spends time with. The power to analyze such situations takes a serious hit and causes a rift on the trust factor between the couples. Trust matters a lot in any relationship and jeopardizing it only moves the picture of togetherness further away.

3. Lack Of Determination:


Relationships are tougher for people who can’t see the bigger picture. The people who paint a picture of the future with their partners with them are more likely to hold on to the relationship and fight the odds. Usually, people in a distance relationship lose interest in each other due to limited interactions and dealing with useless problems that come associated with it. Forcing a relationship on someone is guaranteed to worsen things further.

4. Less Physical Interaction:

Some people just can’t survive a day without the physical presence of their partners by their side. They need hugs and kisses to get happiness and a much-needed sense of security. The physical aspects of being in love far outweigh the emotional aspects for some, and they constantly require their partner’s presence to function normally. Distance relationships make small gestures such as a hug or a forehead kiss too good to be true, which often makes people frustrated with the situation they’ve been put in.

5. Lack Of Self Control:


Once frustration kicks in, a people get compelled to do things they’d never do in their sane minds. The level of insanity depends on the extent to which the trust and feeling of belonging to each other were jeopardized. As soon as people start feeling like they don’t belong to each other, more often than not one of them ends up cheating on the other. The feeling of cheating being easier than explaining something to the person they love puts the final nail in the coffin.

Distance relationships are often short-lived. Unless you’re trying to save a marriage, we’ll suggest you stay away from the slightest idea of being in a distance relationship. After all, there are a million people out there waiting for you to ask them out!


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